Our window solutions.

Currently the enclosing of windows, doors and shutter shields is an intensive job. There is always so much dust and dirt. There always is a massive amount of sawing that needs to be done to make the enclosure perfect. The current systems are also limited in colours and finishes. With V-FOLD we came up with a solution.

A new way of adding the finishing touch.

The patented enclosures of V-FOLD are super easy to place. You will notice that these enclosures can be placed 30% quicker then the current systems. This is an advantage for everyone. The client and your staff will be pleased quicker and you will save money on working hours. This timeless system can be placed immediately without making the room dirty. We also offer an extra service where our specialized team comes to install our products. This way your staff can focus on the installation of windows and doors.

Enkele voordelen van ons systeem:

– Almost no sawing to place the enclosure
– Can be made exactly in the size it needs to be
– Available in all RAL colours
– Available in lots of wood colors
– 30% quicker then the current systems
– Own teams for installment

Quality is in details.

100% Moisture-Proof MDF
FSC Certified