V-FOLD is a young and growing business in Antwerp.
We stand for innovation and renewal in our fast growing society.
By always thinking one step ahead we already have some unique products and patents in our possession.

Our vision on our modern and technological world is very simple. With our company we want to offer innovative solutions where we feel that they are needed. We try to eliminate useless steps in the process, which always brings us a huge step forward. The simpler, the better.

Our solutions are so unique that we provided some of our products of a PCT world patent.
This way we can offer our clients an exclusiveness that separates us from the rest of the market.

Perfect Design

All our products are designed with a modern mindset. We try to make our designs as timeless as possible.

New Products

We constantly have a team available that develops new products. There are always multiple concepts being tested. Renewal is very important to us.

Personal Contact

We find it important that you have a personal contact person. This way you always know who you can call in important situations.


We always try to customise our approach to our different clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us to talk about your options.

Only Experts

By only working with experts in their field we can always guarantee you the best quality.