All our systems are customizable.It is also possible to let our own experienced teams install our products with you.

Our approach.

V-FOLD is a growing business that wants to offer their clients the best products that are also fast and simple. By doing this we will help our clients to get a better efficiency within their business and working area. We specialise us in the development of patented solutions for different problems.

Original ideas

We're always looking to solve another problem. We constantly release new products that make your life easier.


Our teams are happy to install our products with you.

How we do it.

We always imagine us in the place of our customer. By doing this we can research which problems he may have within his working area. We will solve these problems by developing unique and innovative systems.


  • Raamafkastingen

  • Rolluikkasten

  • MDF Panelen met foliebekleding

  • Colorwall


  • MDF Panelen (50 jarige plaat garantie) met foliebekleding

  • Colorwall